OHBD 2015

OHBD 2015

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blending work and home

As a working mom, you need to decide how much to bring home to work and how much work you bring home. For me, I try to blend my working life with my one at home. I found they tended to bleed into each other naturally. Over the years, bringing my kids to visit at my job became a way to include my kids in that portion of my life. It started rather innocently when my first son was 10 months. I took him to my job dressed up as a pumpkin because I was taking him to my husband's school after work. You can see him below enjoying a blue lollipop.
The visit morphed into an impromptu trick or treating event for him as he met my colleagues and they him. Everyone had so much fun that my department set up something more formal the next year. And my son and the children of my colleagues loved coming. Now all three of my children get in on the fun. My current job does something similar. Here is a picture from our most recent at work trick or treating event. The pumpkin grew into something much larger as you can see and is joined by two other characters played by his brother and sister.
I also bring my three children to take your kids to work day as well as one or two times during the year just because they enjoy just being there with me (and of course I with them). I am still somewhat perplexed that my kids find coming to my workplace such a special event. I think part of it comes from wanting to understand and be a part of the piece of your life they don't see into on a day to day basis. I believe having that view into where you are when you are not with them is comforting. And it makes them feel like they have a role in that part of your world too even if it is just an occasional cameo.

I also noticed my kids especially enjoy seeing their pictures and artwork (and making new contributions) in my workspace when they come. As my boys got older, they moved on to helping me pick out pictures to hang on the walls. I found that process gave me some insights into each of them. My eldest picked the most beautiful picture of a single perfect pale yellow rose. It was a realistic portrait of a lovely flower. My second son picked "A starry night" which is a much more abstract rendering. Interestingly, the colors were complimentary but the moods were starkly different. My boys share a birthday and have much in common. But they are definitely two unique individuals. Seeing those two posters side by side on my wall was a interesting pictorial reminder. Finding ways to blend the different portions of my life and the learning that comes through the process provides much color, some unexpected, in the "art" of managing the "working mom" role. . .at least for me.

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