OHBD 2015

OHBD 2015

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

What I am thankful for today as a wife, mother, daughter, friend and career woman:

Having a choice of how I can live my life each and every day even if everything around me is constantly moving and changing

Living in a country where I have freedom as a woman to pursue my dreams whatever those might be and however they might evolve over time

Being raised by supportive parents who taught me the value of hard work, independence and the belief that with them anything is truly possible

Marrying my wonderful, completely opposite, husband who reminds me daily the value of diversity of thought and makes me laugh like no one else

Getting the privilege to raise my teenage son who made me a mom first; and now inspires and challenges me with his unique and beautiful views of life

Being mommy to my nine year old son who opens my eyes to see the joy in each moment while marching to the beat of his own quirky drum

Adopting our baby girl from Ethiopia who lights up any room she enters with her energy and life and lit up my life since I became her mom

Sustaining and gaining friendships that lift me up when I need it and show me all the different kinds of the beauty in world

Staying connected to extended family spread across the globe who anchor me in the ties the bind us together transcending time and distance

Maintaining good health for myself and my loved ones which I no longer take for granted since getting “that call” six years ago

Growing in a career that allows me to work with people I call friends and make a living doing something I believe makes a difference

So very, very much to be thankful for and so much joy to be had in the sharing. Pictured above is my wonderful family at a recent WACAP auction where the story of how Leyla joined us was featured. I am blessed! Happy Thanksgiving all.

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